Extend your brand awareness and presence. 

The below tools highlight your brand and must-see products to achieve maximum exposure.

To learn more or book promotional items, contact:
Dunn & Dunn
Carl or Ellie Dunn: (856) 582-0690; carl@carldunn.comellie@carldunn.com

New Booth/Suite Options:

Gifts Ignited

Promotional Opportunities Include: 
Attendee Bags (Sold) Entrance Handouts New Product Showcases
Author Bootcamp Sponsor (Sold) Event & General Session Opportunities Pre-Session Video Promos
Booth Happenings Free Exhibitor Night Purchased Mailing List
Christian Product Trends Rep-Arounds Heart of the Artist Retail Academy
Church Bookstore Connection Center Sponsor Hotel Promos Signage in High-traffic Areas
Costume Character (Exhibit Floor) Lanyards/Badges/Pens (Sold) Signage on Exhibit Floor
Coupon Booklet Insert Lunch on Exhibit Floor (Sold) UNITE Onsite Program Ads
Dedicated E-Blasts Media Room Sponsor UNITE Website Ads
Ignite Your Brand

Full list of Sponsorship Opportunities

Put a Plan Together

Which option is best for you? That depends on your goals. Below, promotional opportunities including both purchased pieces and free marketing support tools are categorized by strategic goals. Scroll through the below options or call Dunn & Dunn at 856-582-0690 to determine which options are best for you.

Raise Brand Awareness
If brand positioning, industry support, and highest visibility are your goals, consider:

  • Title Sponsor: Put your name in front of the entire industry.
  • Video Promos Before Sessions: These video promos are shown in our largest sessions.
  • UNITE Website Ads: Have a presence on the hub for the event.
  • Retail Academy and Training Sponsor: Highlight your support for the future of the industry.
  • General Session or Lunch on Exhibit Floor sponsor.

Promote New Products
Buyers say new products and new vendors are primary motivations to attend UNITE 2017. To get your new product in front of buyers, consider:

  • UNITE Onsite Program Ads: This buyer guide will offer company listings and highlight new products as well as exclusive exhibitor offers.
  • New Product Showcase: An interactive area to show physical new product samples.
  • Signage in High-traffic Areas: High visibility signage features your products and booth info.
  • Rep-Arounds: Present your hottest items to a table of interested buyers again and again. Your company’s rep will move from table to table in this unique fast-paced event. You can leave an order sheet or drive buyers to your booth to close the sale.
  • Hospitality Suites: This extension of your booth presence allows you a more focused and relaxed interaction with buyers to showcase your top products.
  • Purchased Mailing List of all Retailers: 3,500+ addresses for retailers in all 50 states (regularly $349, but only $159 for UNITE exhibitors)

Drive Booth Traffic and Gain Leads
To attract buyers to your spaces, consider:

Onsite Signage

  • Banners & Column Wraps
  • Floor Signs
  • Carpet Clings & Decals

Attendee Bag

  • Sponsor this stylish giveaway bag with your brand.

Specialty Promotions

  • Entrance Handouts: Invite people to your booth as they come in the door.
  • Hotel Key Covers: Your message in their hands.
  • Lanyards, badges and pens: Visibility branded on every attendee and a handy reminder for writing orders.

Event Sponsorships

  • Exhibitor Events
  • Booth Happenings
  • Rep-Around Sponsor
  • Heart of the Artist
  • Author Bootcamp Sponsor
  • Church Bookstore Workshop Sponsor
  • Church Bookstore Lunch Sponsor
  • Media Room Sponsor
  • Retail Academy and Training Sponsor
  • General Session Sponsor
  • Lunch on Exhibit Floor Sponsor

Digital Marketing

  • UNITE 2018 Website Ads
  • Free Mailing Lists of Registered Attendees: CBA will make these lists available to all exhibitors before the event through the Exhibitor Newsletter that all participating exhibitors receive.
  • Purchased Mailing List of all Retailers: 3,500+ addresses for retailers in all 50 states
  • Exhibitor E-marketing: Use your own channels to align with UNITE promotions and drive buyers to convention.
  • CBA E-blasts: CBA will send dedicated e-blasts promoting your brand to buyers to reinforce your marketing and product launches.

Market Specifically to Churches

  • Church Bookstore Table Sponsor
  • Church Bookstore Workshop Sponsor
  • Church Bookstore e-blasts: CBA will send these on your behalf

Strengthen PR and Relationship-Building

  • Hospitality Suites
  • Exhibitor Events/Booth Happenings
  • Media Room Sponsor
  • Author Bootcamp Sponsor
  • Heart of the Artist
  • Church Bookstore Workshop Sponsor
  • Retail Academy and Training Sponsor
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