Ministry in Action Partner Helps At-Risk Children

UNITE 2018, Mustard Seed Ranch

Ministry in Action is a program to help the industry give back to UNITE’s host community by supporting local ministries. This year we are supporting Mustard Seed Ranch,which provides Christ-centered homes for children who’ve been neglected, abused, orphaned, or who need a healthy family environment. The home is often the last stop before foster care or other child custody situations.

UNITE 2018, Mustard Seed Ranch

Executive Director Tammy Depperschmidt said, “It costs about $100,000 per year, per home to maintain, which supports eight children, a set of house parents, and an intern.”

Mustard Seed doesn’t receive state or federal funding, which creates ministry challenges, says Depperschmidt, and the ministry doesn’t charge fees for children to live there. The ministry’s current capital program will add new homes to support more children.

The organization is $570,000 short of reaching a $1.8 million goal
How to Help
  • Donate online when you register for UNITE
  • Contribute at the Worship Him! service Sunday, July 8
  • Stop by the Ministry in Action booth #200 on the exhibit floor
  • Visit Mustard Seed’s website and click on Ways to Help

Read the entire Mustard Seed Ranch story in Christian MARKET magazine.

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