Kurt Ruf is a partner with Ruf Strategic Solutions, a pioneering market segmentation and big-data analytics services firm. He is the co-author of Contemporary Database Marketing, a comprehensive, basic introduction to the world of big data and database marketing. Ruf Strategic Solutions delivers a full suite of marketing intelligence solutions to help organizations acquire new customers, retain existing customers and develop one-to-one relationships to maximize profitability.

Founded in 1976, Ruf Strategic Solutions has developed innovative marketing solutions that use customer insights to reach highly segmented consumer groups based on a broad array of customer and lifestyle information. Data may be applied broadly or pinpointed to specific local market areas. Its new Connex Consumer Targeting tool reveals unique attitudes, preferences and buying habits of most promising audiences, including specific media use and lifestyle behaviors, and it can identify most-likely customers down to ZIP code and precinct levels. This intelligence helps marketers develop meaningful and relevant communications that resonate with customers’ individual lifestyles and preferences.

Ruf’s unique ability to integrate vast arrays of data, technology tools and 40 years of expertise, empowers organizations with truly actionable and measurable intelligence. Ruf and his three brothers, Eric, Jake, and Brian, continue a family legacy passed down from their parents, Jacob and Sondra Ruf. The late elder Ruf pioneered ZIP-code level marketing systems which led to the first commercially available relational database system and the first business-clustering system using “corporate lifestyles.” The brothers continue to build full-circle marketing solutions on the foundation of their father’s pioneering work.