July 11, 2018, Nashville TN—Change is in the air for the Christian Booksellers Association! More than 1700 people, a 10 percent increase over last year, with 35 international countries attending the 4-day conference at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

The UNITE 2018 conference brought together Christian publishers, booksellers, authors and artists to learn and be challenged to look at their industry in a new and fresh way.

“Many great things are birthed in times of great fire, turmoil and crisis,” Eddie Roush said. “Many Christian retailers are suffering because they have not yet adopted new ways of marketing their businesses, and at CBA’s UNITE 2018 we have provided them new tools, insight and inspiration in order to thrive.”

Eddie Roush is the President of The Roush Foundation, which helped to organize and underwrite UNITE 2018. “We feel we need to rebrand Christianity,” Roush continued. “We have taken the holy name of Jesus and diluted it, where people have lost hope in His power to give hope and new ideas to our business owners who are struggling. We have come to interrupt our industry for the good of furthering the cause of Christ.”

Roush spoke to the attendees at a night of praise and worship, which featured Christian artists Jason Crabb, Sandi Patty and rising star Jekalyn Carr, who featured an inspiring song “It’s My Winning Season.” Featured speaker Dr. Clyde Rivers spoke to those gathered to give them inspiration. “God is trying to build something inside of you. Your God assignment has different challenges and meaning than your business assignments. He is after your heart so you can find God’s call on your life.” With a heart bent with the right intention, business functions are pointed in the right direction.

Through the many breakout workshops during the convention, attendees found new ideas to help them grow their businesses moving forward.

CBA President Curtis Riskey says “Through the training at Unite, and the tools they’re receiving from CBA we know the industry is moving in a positive direction.”

Roush summed up the main reason for CBA’s UNITE 2018. “we are passionate about change in this industry because at stake is life and death for businesses, and souls around the world.”

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