Connecting content creators and producers
Building great Christian media

You may pitch:

To Book Publishers:
  • Finished-film-to-book proposals
  • Book proposals
To Film Distributors/Producers:
  • Screenplays
  • Finished films or documentaries
  • Published-book-to-movie proposal
How it Works

Pick three preferred choices in order with the number, ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’. Place ‘4’, ‘5’ and ‘6’ by the next 3 you would like as alternates should those not be available. (If there aren’t six companies who are seeking your type of project, only choose the number of those who seek your type of project.) Each company only has 15 guaranteed slots. When they fill up, you will be assigned your alternates.  If those are full too, you will be placed on a list for any open slots that may become available.

Be Early

Everyone pitching must be at the event 10 minutes before the official 1:30 p.m. start time.

The pitch time for both publishers and distributors will be 5 minutes. Use your time wisely. Research the companies to know what they publish or distribute and pick the best fit for your project. The company can end the pitch early, at their discretion.  But if you are told time’s up, please leave the table quickly so the next person pitching gets their full time to pitch.

Be Ready

For screenplays, bring a resume and one-page synopsis of your screenplay. Only leave a script if it’s requested by the person you are pitching. If they are interested, it is more likely they will ask you to email it.

If you are pitching a finished product, bring a resume, one sheet, and either a trailer or copy of your product.

For publishers, bring a resume and list any production experience for the filmmaker and any of their team members, both in Christian pictures and general market. If bringing a finished-movie-to-book proposal, be prepared to show a trailer, and to leave a copy of the film if requested.

You may use video if you choose to show a trailer or scene — but do not rely on wi-fi, and you won’t be able to plug in — have it pre-loaded onto your device, fully charged and ready to show.

You may be required to sign a release before pitching to a company.