UNITE 2018

Extraordinary Response to UNITE 2018

Edward Roush, Chairman of the Roush Foundation and Chairman of the CBA Service Corporation, was the keynote speaker at UNITE’s “Worship Him!”

Roush shared a message of accountability, challenge and hope.

Dr. Clyde Rivers said Roush shared “The State of Faith,” in an empowering and bold way. Dr. Rivers spoke after Roush, giving an alter call for prayer where more than 400 people came forword.

Future of the Industry

Edward Roush, Chairman of the Roush Foundation and CBA Service Corporation, was joined onstage by his strategic partners Dr. Clyde Rivers, President of Ichange Nations, and Kurt Ruf, owner of Ruf Strategic Solutions, for UNITE’s Future of the Industry breakfast.

Roush, Rivers and Ruf shared in a relaxed round table setting about some of the extraordinary changes happening in the industry. Ruf outlined some of the unique customized data that’s being prepared for Christian retailers. Rivers shared some of the international opportunities that are opening for Inventory Solutions and other faith retailers.

The State of Faith
Edward Roush, Chairman of the Roush Foundation and CBA Service Corporation, sat down to talk one on one in the CBA News production studio with Dr. Clyde Rivers. Roush, Rivers and Kurt Ruf are strategic partners and are co-authoring a new book “The State of Faith.”

Exhibitors report UNITE 2018 best convention in years!

Inventory Solutions

Inventory Solutions launched at UNITE 2018!

Retailers responded well to the offerings of Inventory Solutions, a new curated product line available with more than 500 products culled from around the world. Many items in the line are exclusive to CBA retailers and are chosen using state of the art Data. The products also include term options and are available to retailers with turn key marketing tools. Each product line with Inventory Solutions features custom meta tagged videos highlighting stories of faith.